Remembering Our Differences As Couples

As someone that’s in a serious relationship, we get it. We both are supposed to be different. Without having this in mind, men and women are at odds with each other.

Are you becoming increasingly angry with your partner? You may have forgotten this important truth – men and women are supposed to be different. If you don’t feel what your other partner feel on the same situation, that’s completely normal.

The main problem about miscommunication in a couple’s life is that men expect women to think and react the same way they do; on the other hand, women expect the same things too. Both of genders have forgotten that they are supposed to behave and think differently. This results in a conflicted relationship in the end.


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When we fall in love, we always have that feeling that things will last forever. We always think that the problems and reality of life will never reach our own lives, and we always think that the love we feel is meant to be and that life will be just like in Cinderella’s story: happily ever after. But as daily life takes over and the bills and house chores start pilling up, it emerges that men expect women to think like them, on the other hand women expect that men will think like women just as well.

So with those differences in mind, we don’t take time to understand and respect each other. Instead, we become judgemental and demanding, putting a strain in the relationship.

With the strain in the relationship, love begins to die and problems start to creep in. And then with time and with the problems only growing, the magic of love is lost.




Love dies. It happens to everyone one day – that would be the answer number one if you ask a friend.

Millions of people search for a significant other every day. Other millions of couples will get together in love every year but after a few years will painfully separate because they have lost the loving feeling that they had at the beginning of the relationship. Only some people will stay married. Out of those who stay married, only some will be completely fulfilled. Some os them will stay together just because of loyalty or fear from being alone or starting over with someone else.




Growing in love is very difficult, but not impossible. But only when both in the relationship are able to respect and accept their differences.

By understanding the differences of each other we can give and receive freely. But we have to accept our differences in order to experience the magic of true love.



The way men cope with stress is different from the way women cope with stress. Men are focused and withdrawn while women overwhelmed and emotionally involved.

When a man is upset he never talks about what is bothering him. He would never bother someone unless it’s absolutely necessary to solve the problem. If he can’t find the solution, then he tries to forget the problem by doing something else like playing a game until two o’clock in the morning (sounds familiar?!). By disengaging his mind, he can relax.

When a woman is upset, she seeks out someone she trusts to share her problems and talk things over about what is bothering her. When we do that, we feel much better, right? Sharing your problems with someone you trust is a sign of love, not a burden. We openly share feelings of being overwhelmed, confused and exhausted.

While a woman feels good when she has friends to share her feelings with, a man feels good when he can solve his problems on his own, without ‘bothering’ anyone.

So the perception that a man has about the solution of problems can be completely different from what a woman thinks.

It’s finding out about how to understand each other that couples will be able to cope with stress more competently.


What are your thoughts about this subject? Have you ever experienced and realised how different men and women can behave and, consequently, change their relationship for better or worse? Leave your comments below!


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