Autumn: Countries to Visit (Part One)

I have compiled a small list of travel options for travelling during Autumn season. If, like me, you’re in the UK, there’s half term coming soon (for a week), so it’s such a nice thing to do to just get away with your little one and other half (hopefully!) to somewhere you can feel at ease and not having to worry about school run every morning!

My little one has just started school a couple of weeks ago and she’s going full time and I’m missing her so much. Thankfully, I’ve got this blog and my other projects to work on, so my mind gets distracted with other things, apart from feeling lonely. As parents, especially stay at home mums we get used to being with our blessings all the time, so when they start going to school it’s such a sad period (at least for me it was. I’m still getting used to it) :'(

Anyway, here is the list:




A paradise made easy. If you’re into relaxation more than anything else, try this one. It has 333 islands, and this makes it popular, which is why October (and other autumn months) is perfect. It’s after peak season but still cool and dry. You may find fewer people too. I’ve always loved the white-sand-blue-sea combo and this is the perfect place to be if you want to enjoy yourself. It’s across the whole archipelago. No buildings are taller than a coconut palm, so it makes the ideal location to stay away from ‘developed’ places.

If you’re into swimming or snorkelling, that’ll be your paradise.

English is the official language, so a plus.



If what you want is a bit of adventure, culture, nature and value, Bolivia is a good place to get to know. Many travellers that go to South America arrive there expecting to be wowed by Brazil or other countries, but end up being wowed by Bolivia. It’s a diverse and unspoilt country. Some people even say that Bolivia is the South American continent at its most authentic, as it hasn’t been touched much by civilisation, as to say. Snowy Andean highs, steamy Amazon lows, surreal lakes, salt flats, remnants of ancient civilisation are all here. October is the most comfortable time to travel, as it’s the end of the dry season, so all roads should be mud-free and drivable. Skies are bright blue and the temperatures are warming up (it’s spring for them).

Bolivia is cheap, so you could get on by US$10 to US$15 a day.

Australia (Great Southern)


If what you’re into is mainly appreciate nature, you should try it. A good thing about the ‘Great Southern’ is that October is a good choice because winter rains have finished (it’s the end of their winter) and the countryside is alive with wildflowers. more than 4000 species ¬†grow hereabouts. Whales are also gliding by. The further east you go, the wilder things get. If you are into beaches, escape to Lucky Bay, Australia’s whitest beach.


Brazil (Costa Verde)



Relaxation is the word here. Costa Verde is a coastline in Brazil that runs from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo. Jungly hills and waterfalls tumble to a sparkling blue-green sea.

Paraty, a town nearby, is an elegant 18th century colonial port town set against mountains. Streets are traffic-free and bright-painted boats zip about the bay.

Ilha Grande is another town has not cars a just a few settlements. Book into a pousada (a bed and breakfast sort of accomodation) and spend days hiking trails into the island’s atlantic rainforest and enjoying the several beaches the island has to offer. October is when their spring becomes but isn’t their peak season just yet.


Italy (Piedmont)



If you love to appreciate good and different foods, this is a good option. This region is Italy sits beneath the Alps and a little apart from the rest of Italy. It’s not as easy is Tuscany, yet has similar sylvan countryside, hilltop towns and foodie-ness. The wild mushrooms are abound. Grapes (one of my favourite foods!) are harvested and it’s white truffles (the world’s most expensive fungi) come into season. If you are into medieval stuff, head to Alba. It has a cluster of medieval towers and baroque and renaissance palaces. If you’re into wines, don’t forget to visit cantinas to taste the region’s wines.





If you want Relaxation, this is it. Calm seas in paradise. Swaying palms, blue seas, white sand, cute turtles – fantasy made real. The weather is lovely too (25 to 30 degrees celsius) year-round temperatures, it’s just perfect any time of year, really. October is particularly calmer than other months, so is excellent for swimming and snorkelling.

Also there is the Festival Kreol, the Seychelles biggest cultural event, is held across Mahe in late October, so if you’re into getting to know the community and local culture, this is a wonderful time to visit.


What’s your favourite place to go on Autumn season? Let me know in the comments below!


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