Going to A Hotel Room? Never Use the Hairdryer!

It may feel like a lap of luxury when you get inside a hotel room, but have you ever thought about the amount of people that have been there using the same things as you did and what that might mean regarding cleanliness?

Investigations have been carried out by microbiologists and a well-known news channel and they found out astonishing results.

While they found that the toilet is likely to have a similar germ count to yours at home, it is in fact the hairdryer that you have to watch out for. According to the microbiologist, some of them were pretty germy.

So does that mean hotels are a no-go area?

You can enjoy your holidays in a hotel safely, but you have to bear in mind that some objects in the room are just not well cleaned as we always thought they should be. You might as well want to pack a few anti-bacterial wipes in your suitcase before you travel just to be on the safe side.

PS. That actually reminded me of every time I go to the cafeterias here in the UK. All big chains are the same – specially on the weekends – when you go buy your coffee and sit by the table, it’s always the case, the table is very dirty. It has become some sort of practice here, it’s just appalling. I always carry with me inside my bag some wipes and every time I come across a dirty table (which is very often) I always wipe them clean myself.




There are actually a total of four different things in your hotel room that you should avoid touching at all costs – and some of them might surprise you.


1. Glasses – Many maids simply rinse out the glasses with water and wipe with a towel or use ‘Do Not Drink’ cleaning products packed with bleach to freshen them up a bit. AVOID.

2. Pillows – Maids often put the pillows to one side and while doing so, put them back again with nothing more than a quick plump. I don’t know about you but it seems we should have some kind of say in getting that up close and personal with someone else’s saliva/face sweat?

3. Remote Control – When was the last time you disinfected your TV remote? After reading this, you might want to think about incorporating it into your cleaning schedule. Remotes can collect all kinds of gross and potentially dangerous bacteria, including E.Coli.

4. Phones – Phones are one of the most touched items in hotel rooms but are rarely ever incorporated into cleaning routines. The result is a load more germs. Pack some anti bacterial wipes.

Next time you plan a stay in a hotel, think about leaving a bit of space in your suitcase for spare pillowcases, anti-bacterial spray and hand gel.


What do you think about this? Have you thought about hotels this way? Let me know in the comments!


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