Tips on French Make-Up and Hair

Red lipstick, anyone? Look French fabulous with these tips.





When wearing red lipsticks, no lip liners are necessary. You just have to choose a shade that looks great on you – this should be your signature lipstick.


Natural Elements

The above are preferred. It brings light to your face, as you highlight certain parts. Don’t create a shadow. Contouring is not necessary. You don’t need to change the sculpture of your face to look pretty.

Don’t try to hide and cover. The key is to highlight what you like instead. So changing your mindset will go a long way.



Apply foundation with a gentle touch where it’s needed. Plus your signature lipstick. People will certainly focus on your bright lipstick smile rather than your entire face covered in makeup. When choosing a foundation, choose one that has a bare-skin look.


Smoky Eyes

This look looks messy. If you must, use your discipline and skill (and finger!) to blend the makeup in.


Red Lipstick or Smoky Eyes?

You either have one or the other. Focus on everything and it will be too much!



Fuller eyebrows are more acceptable. When applying eyeshadow, use neutral colours.



If you apply mascara, remember – Less is More!. No need to wear long fake eye lashes.


Middle of the day freshen Up

This includes maintaining the natural look and spraying facial mists. A spritz of skin mist keeps skin hydrated, rejuvenating your appearance.





If you’re thinking about having makeover on your hair style, you should look at yourself in the mirror and answer these two simple questions:

  1. What hair style works best with the shape of your face?
  2. What hair style will contribute as an extra feature and help with the texture of your hair?


Many French women wear their hair shoulder length. Why? Short hair that is properly maintained looks much healthier than long hair with split ends. Coloured hair also has its problems too. If you colour your hair, you have to make the maintenance properly by always hydrating it. Also remember to retouch the roots too.


Washing your hair daily. Is it a good thing?

No. Washing your hair daily will remove essential oils from your scalp, leading your scalp to produce even more sebum. The whole thing stays out of balance after doing it. Some people even came up with the idea of not shampooing their hair at all.

Blow-dry is not common for a French chic style either. Usually washing your hair and air drying it is a better option. It’s actually the day after you wash it that your hair will look its best.



What would you recommend for looking after your hair and what’s your main tip for an easy and effective make-up routine? Leave your comments down below 🙂

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