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Wearing your attire with style doesn’t mean that you have to spend your whole savings with the most expensive fabric in the store. It’s not about the price. It’s about how you match your wardrobe and how your liveliness and poise strike with the clothes you are wearing. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, it will surely show. You will look awkward and be withdrawn altogether. If you try to blend in, it will only bring more attention to yourself.

The items you invest in should be able to accomplish two things: complement your wardrobe and style, not because a celebrity endorsed it, but because you feel comfortable and beautiful in the clothes. You should be comfortable with yourself wearing those clothes. If you’re feeling down, that will reflect in your productivity and your overall wellbeing.

French chic dressing means that you wear whatever is in style for that season but will still stand out despite the crowd. It’s all about the self-assurance that you will be exhibiting.




Have you ever met someone at a glance and realised straight away that that person has presence? There is definitely a quality in there, but you’re not quite sure what it is exactly. A more attentive glance and you still don’t know what is it that calls your attention so much. After a few more minutes and some more inspections and there you are – you found the je ne sais quoi. That’s what you should aspire for. This charms everyone who notices you.

Don’t waste your time wishing you looked different. Learn how to accentuate your attractive attributes by placing emphasis on your pluses. What would you answer if someone asked you what are your best attributes? Do you have to think about it for a long time or does the answer comes straight away?

If you do have to think about it for a long time, how do you select your clothing? Think about it and change the way you see the perspective. When you get to know yourself better, your buying habits will change too.





French style is all about this. If you overdo something, it will prevent the entire look you were planning and wishing to develop. As some people have already stated, this principle illustrates that 20% of someone’s clothes is worn 80% of the time. French style is all about practicality. Although you may have a ton of space in your closet, it doesn’t mean that you need to fill the spaces with clothes that you probably won’t never wear.

The secret is to be aware of what you regularly wear and combine what you hardly wear in your daily clothes. And don’t forget to remove the pieces of clothing that you never wear. You won’t need them. Period.




The first step you need to take is to go through your wardrobe and evaluate the things you need to remove and the things you should keep.

This is crucial to be sure that you will allow yourself to be as chic as you possibly can. Remember this rule. 20% of an individual’s clothes is worn 80% of the time.

So based on this concept you should be removing the following items if:

-> The attire makes you feel uncertain and less assured.

-> It’s not in accordance with anything that is too tight.

-> It’s not appropriate for your age.

-> It’s too big.

-> You haven’t worn it for years.


So, based on this basic approach, you should be able to start your wardrobe spring cleaning.

What’s your tip to improve your wardrobe in a practical way that inspires the French style? Have you ever tried this before?


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