Dressing With Style For Your Body Shape

Want to find out how to dress with style, no matter what type of body shape you have?

Your size is not a hindrance. You just have to look at what looks great on you. Once you look absolutely amazing, you will experience an increase of self-esteem and confidence.

There are several different types of body shapes, and all of them have a special shape unique to them.



Oval Shape



Of course there are several distinct forms of the apple shape size, but the main features stay:

  • Your weight is around your abdominal area
  • You have wide back, shoulders and rib cage
  • Your waistline is not well defined
  • Your hands and legs are slender comparing to your abdominal area

When choosing clothing that compliments your shape, you have to de-emphasise your mid-area and chest, while intensifying your assets (your legs and bust area). You need to wear clothing that depicts you as having a narrower middle section.

When using accessories, try to draw attention to your neckline and shoulders, ie. wide belts with a dark tone; low necklines and V-necks.

Avoid patterns that draw too much attention to your waist. Beads, frills, lace trimmings and bows are not such a great idea.


Rectangle Shape



If you’re a rectangle shaped woman, your bust and hips share similar width and there is little waist definition going on.

You need the extra curves upwards and downwards, ie: A-line skirts; empire lines; low V and scooped necks (if you have bigger busts)

Tips to avoid doing wrong:

  1. Don’t wear shapeless garments
  2. You need to take attention from your shape, so wear designs that have details on the bottom and hips, ie. layered and paneled skirts and ruffles.


Inverted Triangle



The inverted triangle lady has:

  • No waist definition
  • wide shoulders
  • your body looks physically fit
  • You have wide shoulders but your hips are smaller when comparing

Your main goal is to generate curves. Hips and thighs are the focus here. You can do that by adding pleats, ruffles and layers and wearing wide pants or jeans.

Things to avoid:

  1. Don’t wear clothing that will make you look even slimmer below. Invest in bottoms that look luminous
  2. Wear tops with suitable designs. By doing that you will be diminishing the appearance of your shoulder width
  3. Never wear shoulder pads
  4. Avoid anything that makes your shoulder look bigger


Pear Shaped



If you are a pear-shaped lady:

  • You’ve got a wide lower body, but your upper body is slimmer
  • There’s more weight concentrated on your hips and thighs
  • You have narrow shoulders

Things to avoid:

  • Skirts that end on the hips or thighs
  • Elaborate designs on your thigh or hips

Tops must end and be worn above or below the widest part of your lower area. You need tops that generate more width to your shoulders, so shoulder pads and boleros are a good option.

Wearing more colourful clothing on the top part of your body will also help generate width to your shoulders. Layers, patterns and nice designs will all draw attention to where you want it (the top). But on the same time, draw some shape on your body by wearing wrap dresses or empire lines.





The hourglass shaped lady features:

  • a defined waistline
  • bust line and hipline have the same width

You have to accentuate your waist. By choosing waist defining jackets, belted sweaters and blazers, tops and wrap dresses, you will be making your waist more noticeable, therefore, complimenting your body shape.

If you are the type of woman that prefer to downplay your curves, select tops that expand your hips, and pair them with leggings.


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