Lessons on French Lingerie…

This is part of  a series of posts about French women’s wardrobe.

Lingerie is part of all women’s wardrobe, right? For French women, much time and effort is spent choosing the lingerie that’s just right.  When is comes to lingerie, they do not save items for that special occasion in the future. They wear them right now. When the future time comes, they have no problem buying something new again.



Push Up Bras



A push up bra has its time and place. It’s a matter of how to accentuate your assets, so a French woman with small breasts can be as confident as someone who got the bigger boobs.

So how do they do it?

By matching sets and ensuring that they are properly fitted, they are able to compliment their body. Obviously when underwear becomes discoloured, it is time to discard and buy new ones.

If you’re not wearing the perfect bra:

  • Your breasts will sag even if wearing a bra
  • The straps feel uncomfortable and too tight
  • The back rides up
  • Your breasts simply will not fill the cup

Wearing the correct size will make your posture look better and your breasts look perkier.

Always remember to select tops that do not expose too much flesh. Modesty is key for elegance and style. Exposing too much skin does not make someone sexy.

Sexy should not be misinterpreted for vulgarity. A standard of dignity is required. Not wearing something that leaves little to imagination goes a long way.

Don’t focus on what you don’t like. Instead, build on your strengths.





French chic is about knowing when it is best to invest in quality wear, ie. silk pajamas is a sure way to invest in your comfort and style at the same time (If you’re not vegan!)


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