French Wardrobe Basics

Want to make a French revolution in your wardrobe? Watch out these tips from French women…

First thing of all – As I mentioned in the other post, after having your wardrobe inventory exercise, as you do your clothing overhaul, you should bear in mind that by repacking, refolding and hanging up your clothes, you should keep some others.




These are the basic items that you really should keep inside your wardrobe.

Tailored Blazer



This is a staple and it should definitely be in your closet, as it can fit any body type. It will be your base, as you pair it with jeans, a dress or even a skirt. It must fit properly though, otherwise won’t look good.

Striped Shirt



This is another classic item that definitely looks awesome under a blazer.

Black Dress


Another staple for any woman’s wardrobe. A classy and unique black dress is timeless. Choosing one with an interesting design or lovely sleeves will accentuate your looks. But the most important tip of all is that it should fit wonderfully. If you need tips on how to choose the style that would complement you body shape, click here.

Classic Trench Coat



This is definitely an item that shouldn’t be ignored and it is worthy of investment. It fits like a glove when the weather is crappy and if you’re on your way to have a trip.



Different styles of jeans accentuate different body types. The key here is to find and own a pair of jeans that will accentuate your curves, making you look elegant and stylish.

Sleek Fitting Pants/Skirt

One of the key ingredients – you have to look sleek and sophisticated with your pants and skirts.

Black Heels

You should own a pair of heels that makes you look like you’re a fashion model.

Flat Shoes

Comfortable to wear, good looking ballerinas are on the list too.

Cashmere Sweater



If you need to cover your arms and neck-line, cashmere sweaters are ideal. Pairing it with a pencil skirt and voila – beautiful.


Do you have any tips to add to this list? Leave them on the comments below…


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